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Software development
Innovative IT solutions ready for the future

Setzen Sie auf unsere
ablauf-optimierten Softwarelösungen
und gewinnen Sie mehr Zeit für sich und Ihre Aufgaben!

Development of webapplications

Individually customized software solutions for back end applications
On-Site Intranet applications or cloud applications
Report generation, document generation (PDF/Word/etc.)
Generation of spreadsheet files generieren (e.g.Excel)
Evaluations (e.g. diagrams)
data input forms
automatic sending of e-Mails
Analysis of external data e.g. e-Mails
Integration of external interfaces (API)
SEPA mandates via SEPA XML
Automation of processes
Hosting of online shops
Hosting of customer areas
Sale or rental of software with or without source code
e. g. automation of processes, calculations based on weather data
77.35 Euro per hour

Remote hands (web development)

Remote hands and customizations for your website
WordPress customizations
Customization of configuration, installation or development of scripts for your website
finding and fixing script and programming errors
Source code is included in the price
77.35 Euro per hour

optimizing your business processes

In order to optimize your business processes we advise you on site and revise all of your processes. With our problem solving skills we identify problems and discuss different possible solutions with you.

Don't just settle for an IT system where you and your employees lose valuable time because of repetitive tasks. IT is meant to simplify your life - which in the end is more cost effective than repeating the same task over and over again manually.

In our experience, small companies can't afford to pay the prices of the big IT companies. The solutions are just not worth the price. Unfortunately, this means that many small companies prefer to save money instead of changing some important features. In the end however, it is the employees who pay the price, as they have to complete repetitive tasks manually.

IT-Tremmel GmbH was founded to develop IT solutions for you that are affordable and able to automate all processes that can be automized. We don't want you to spend half an hour on a task that you will have to complete again later. We want you to be able to conclude recurring tasks in seconds, and if possible, with one click.

We are paying very close attention to model your business processes in the best way possible. Data is gathered where it is produced. Adding the same data twice or saving it twice just won't exist any more with us. We stick to our slogan "do not repeat yourself", and make sure that your data is processed consistently to avoid diverging data sets.

Our software is designed to be as flexible as possible. If you want minor adjustments, you can add them to the system directly or have them displayed at a very low cost, without having to wait for a long time for the next update. This way you can make sure that you are using the benefits of an IT system to your full advantage without receiving software that is already "outdated" by the time you get it.

We think ahead. We know that neither the IT nor the business world ever take a break. Therefore, we already include future innovations and technical possibilities in order to be able to implement these solutions smoothly later on. One of our main focuses are the possibilities of cross-linking electronic devices in the office, from the computer to the phone to the smart phone.

Of course we make sure to optimize our own processes as well. We guarantee high quality products. As we have started programming very early on, we have developed great sofware processes over time. We have transported concepts of industrial production to the development of software in order to implement basic functions as fast as possible. This leaves more time for our real task - optimizing and fine tune our solutions. This assures you the utmost support from our IT systems. Second-rate solutions? Not with us!

Our experience and know how in IT qualifies us to understand your needs, suggest the best solutions, and to implement them as fast as possible.


We develop in HTML5, JavaScript/jQuery, XML/XPath/XSL-FO/XSLT, PHP, SQL, CSS, Java, Scala, Python and many more.

Our systems are lean and modular. This helps us to react fast if we need to make changes. In addition, we use systems that are easily configurable and highly adjustable, which allows us to work almost completely without programming.

As we are able to draw back on adjustable systems, we have often been able to simplify unnecessarily complex IT systems for our clients and switch to modular, future proof solutions using a very low budget.

We use high quality IT systems and we guarantee their longterm development and maintenance. This enables us to grant you a huge cost advantage while providing our products very fast.

Our IT solutions have been optimized to fit the highest safety standards. We don't compromise when it comes to safety. In times of daily attempts of coroporate espionage through the internet we make sure that our IT solutions cannot be compromised.


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We always provide a specific contact person for our clients. We are glad to offer consulting to you on-site. Let us show you how you can improve your IT architecture and save money at the same time. In our experience, many companies have chosen a standard IT sollution, which is not optimized for the busi business processes - while a customized solution might even be more affordable than the standard solution. This is exactly what IT-Tremmel GmbH has set out to change.