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IT-Tremmel GmbH is looking for creative, independent and through employees (permanent position or external freelancers). We offer you to work from home and flexible working hours.

Please send your resume, your application and your salary expectations to

IT-Tremmel GmbH
Fuchsweg 27
84051 Essenbach

or per email to: karriere(at)

We are looking for:

Applicants should be fluent in German and English

Please send us your applications with your concrete demands (fixed salary, hourly wage) since we won't be able to consider your application in your field otherwise. Your requests will be fed into a database, which you will be able to access and edit with a provider log-in shortly. We have a project management website where open tasks are listed and you may look for a task that suits you.

Why work for IT-Tremmel GmbH?

We offer you the possibility to work from wherever you want - even if you are traveling. We are looking for independent employees that see "what has to be done", and is determined to implement these solutions consequently - always in accordance with the client. We communicate through chat, email, phone or video conference. Trainings can be organized on site. You work in a friendly, highly motivated environment, and you have the opportunity to learn more about process optimizing, about quick, demand-oriented and surplus-oriented development of complete IT solutions. We don't only help our clients to optimize their processes, it is also our motto for IT-Tremmel GmbH.

Tasks that don't require a specific qualification are due to high competition not very well paid. However, they still offer an insight into our internal systems and innovations, and can lead through trust and fair long-term cooperation to various opportunities for advancement.

If you are an external employee we recommend you contact our company directly to make sure your offer won't accidentally end up as spam. Starting off with a low offer on your side can help you set foot in our company and receive better-paid assignments in the future. We cannot consider offers that ask for unrealistic hourly wages, there will be no re-negotiations.